​It is just love;


Everyone in a relationship loves each other. Not only the couples in relationship, also parents do love their children and so the children. In every possible way they try to express their love on each other. It is not a mistake and also not a compulsion to express our love. But what will happen when our foremost love on someone or something is not expressed properly. You accept it is not compulsory to express our love, because it is our wish expressing or not expressing our love. But is it necessary?

Cause, Love is something that has to be expressed. Like our vehicles that has to be serviced after certain period. They are not meant only to ride with. They need proper maintenance. Love is a great thing. You may value it cheaper as because it is easily available to you, around you. But…

Make sure the orphans and the homeless come to your mind. They don’t seek for anything else except love. They shed their precious tears seeking for love. Every night they sleep, you can see them requesting God to present them with love (step parents). There are also generous people who offer more money to the orphans. But will they be spending that much of equivalent time with the orphan children?

So, don’t feel tired of expressing your love not only on humans, but also your love on whatever possible. If it seems silly to you, think of the most desired thing you ought to have which is available in plenty to whom they value it cheaper.

  Once a cricketer offered Mother Teresa a huge amount for her charity. But Teresa refused to accept it. Rather she said please do spend some time with them.

It is just Love;




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  1. i think care is the second expression of love as well worry when you care and worry about someone when there pain hurts feels like its your pain is love some way express but it seems so fake they seem just words meaning nothing so if you see the care and worry you should have no doubt that is love but if with love and care sometime it is said i love you it makes a relationship strong and there is no misunderstanding as well 🙂

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