​Visuals: the Ultimate form of any art…

Yes, of course movies are not a part of art. They are art itself.

If you ought to explain art, there is quite a room for light- the vision, the visual.

After reading this, music may come in your mind. You may argue music has no visual form…

Know that  music does visualize its light form in your mind.

Movie (here refers to visual representation) is a form of art that travels with us, our thoughts, influencing them, not only thoughts, also our dreams; That is why we rate it more when it comes to entertainment.

Is the light form of an art the same for everyone? Does it convey the same visual in everyone’s mind..?

Exactly no; this is the reason why light (the visual) is the ultimate form of any art.

The vivid visual that our mind tends to play while listening to an art depends on the individual’s current mind blog.

These are not proposed and so accepted theories of any famous philosopher; just my own vivid thoughts…

What about the impact of these visuals in one’s life?

The impact in their life may cause a great change when their thoughts pretend to chew the light they viewed frequently. This is why there is much importance to promotion of art especially through the visual media. The impact can be either positive or negative. There are persons who have been driven towards terroristic activities watching such cruel movies. There are also many whose lives have become far good both philosophically and psychologically (take my own).



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