Culture; Girls;


Girlsā€¦Cultureā€¦Dress code:

Yes, it is India forcing us to maintain our culture and tradition. And all those who ought to protect so fix their eyes up with the dressing of girls, announcing it the primary step to protect our culture and tradition (also religious concerns).

Let us go behind the need for cultureā€¦

The scenario dates back February 2, 1835; At British Parliamentā€¦

ā€œI wandered all over India. I cannot see even a single beggar or a thief. There is wealth within them with high prior law and order. Much discipline people. We cannot conquer India. They are built up with religious concerns, tradition and culture. Without breaking this backbone of them, we can never conquer themā€¦

So, we need to change their long established system of education through their mother tongue. Without the thought of English as a foreign language, when they must praise English, a better one than theirs, they start losing their self-respect. After then, they forget easily about their tradition and culture. They live as how we need. At last, the sub continent will be oursā€

– Lord Macaulayā€™s speech

This is how they slowly destroyed our culture and easily invaded us. Controversy,

In November 1891, Rudyard Kipling visited Australia where he was questioned by a journalist about the possibility of self-government in India. He replied: ā€œOh no..They are 4000 years old out there, much too old to learn that businessā€¦ā€

This is what the backbone of each and every Indianā€™s thought. Also the reason behind why we still struggle to get even a single gold medal in this second largely populated sub continent.

This is the reason behind the force to protect our culture and tradition. But why girls to receive most impact because of this.. Reason: Girls are easily available to be cursed and can be lowered easily here by the so many availed religious aspects and Male dominance (???)ā€¦

Girlsā€¦.Make a note; in August 15, 1947, National flag was represented on behalf of the women of India.




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