Confusion Victory: Then what is its use?😤


Yes, atlast PV Sindhu got silver, initiated our medal count. Of course, Sindhu made us be proud, made herself a tough opponent to Carolina of Spain. Also, there is also a hidden victory – She made everyone watch her finals instead of India vs West Indies cricket match ( in a country of cricket Dominance).

Here comes the confusion Victory with Narsingh Yadav, wrestling champion.

He was first disqualified for Olympics, as the test results came positive. Then he was exonerated by NADA, National Anti Doping Agency. Then, he was seen preparing himself for Olympics with his and his family’s dream to come true. Unfortunately, before few seconds of his play, they disqualified him and banned him for four years.

Yes, of course India is a sub continental country. So, here comes the politics behind this:

Instead of selecting the senior player Sushil Kumar, they selected Narsingh. So, well-wishers of “Narsingh” mixed banned anabolic steroid in his food. And then they passed info Narsingh uses Steroids.

Yeah, of course it’s time for us to celebrate the victory . Also the time to analyse why we failed.

It is the only politics that forestall our victory. Think about..

What you want:

Sindhu’s victory or appeal for Narsingh’s rejection?

Answers use to hide always within questions…


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