Love @First sight


It does not depend on what gender you are; you all will surely be fallen in love at the first sight with someone at least once or even a crush. My thoughts widened when I first heard a girl ( actually my senior ) saying that she believe in the love at first sight.

   For me, that instance was so weird…”Is it possible to love someone at their first sight?”

   Then I experimented with about 30 girls asking them whether they believe in the love at first sight… Everyone with no confusion said they believe so.. Ironically, maximum of boys reported they don’t believe so.. This has been my matter of subject for the whole month, thinking about it…
   Yes atlast I concluded with the acceptation of that…. because of my own findings…

    It is a long established thought that we believed we think, we feel by the so called heart near our chest. It is the foremost mistake directing us to a wrong path. Our thoughts are being produced by  brain. So, whenever you try to indicate your soul or your mental heart, don’t move your hand near your chest, take them to your brain.

Atlast about the first sight love :
                   You may hear someone saying it is not actual love that comes in the first sight. But it is…The actual process is your mind fixes and be organised to love the person you might meet the next day, the next hour, the next minute, the next second…it is already been ready to love the person whom you are about to meet.The knowledge about meeting the respective person may not be known to you, but once you meet him/her, your hormones will be taken to the excited state forcing you to show your love on him/her. When your external mind questions your internal mind why you are so affectionate to that person in person, it explains that he/she is so attractive, pretty, smart, so brave, gentle, handsome, cute, has good deeds, true etc., even without knowing his/her name..that is love..
                 So love the person heartiest not to you, but to your heart …
                 Surprising? Love all day…



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