Dream Mother Love

 Hope you all  dreamt horrible and at least a horrible dream once in your lifetime. Scientists say dreaming terrible is about practicing us how to respond to threatening situations in our life. That’s why dreams are full of life events beyond our imagination with the most variegation. Once I had a dream that my mom was killed by a person who is in debts to my mother. And after burying my mother, I sat down in a Greenland and was listening to my mom’s voice who was now in the spiritual form. That time, my lecturer Divya ma’am was crossing me with her shoulder bag, her lunch bag along with her laptop (how she used to go to college everyday in a way how I watched her daily). She just had a glance over me and went on thinking to whom this boy was speaking to…After that I felt asleep and went to bed late night and I was once again insisted by my mother teaching me the way of Jesus Christ how to get together with God. I was totally disturbed that night and I woke up when my father switched the lights.
After that, I went praying to god in person and set seeking for the answers for my dream. While praying, I was shedding my tears in the bed(resulting in running nose the whole day), which I never expected , cause I have been seen always fighting with her, underestimating her thoughts, undervaluing her advises (this dream showed me how far I was affectionate to my mom-Mother Love) And I wrote my dream in my note. Later the week I started thinking about my dream and found books on “Interpretation of Dreams”, finally found the reason for what I dreamed.  I found to dream about death means a marriage. If the dream was so vivid, those are life’s events.
But to be noted, we can control dreaming, i.e. , changing the scenario of the dream, known as Lucid Dreaming. In Lucid dreaming, we are able to change the happenings which been correspondingly contributing making us fit to be an athlete (Cause behind why I am good at running). Thus, if you dream vivid, start treasuring the reason why you dreamt so, the search is quite  enchanting treasure hunt.

Just Dream!!!


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