Addicting and being addicted “Pokémons”😎

 Hearty welcomes to you all, especially the game addictives, still awaiting Pokemon Go to release in India eagerly?

   Something interesting about its developer …


    He started up with “Keyhole” which was later acquired by Google for $35 million in 2004 and renamed Keyhole as “Google Earth” with John being employed in Google. 

    It is said Pokemon Go uses the location services and the phone camera of the users. With these features, the developers can make people to go wherever they want by setting there a Pokemon Gym or by sender a rare Pokemon. And also it is questionable why it requires the user’s Google or social media identity, the thing made Pokemon Go to get banned in Iran, Russia, China and Israelin Army for security concerns????

Those questionable are rightful to get their answers.

      Mr. John Hanke, the developer of Pokemon Go was a former employee in foreign affairs in US state government, worked in Washington DC and Myanmar, suspecting whether Pokemon Go could work for US state government… 

But is it the user’s mistake playing such addiction games??

Statistics :

     Game               –   Daily revenue

Clash of clans     –   $1.2 million

Candy crush        –   $966,265

Game of war       –   $296,406

 It has been recorded 93millon users are active daily with candy crush.

               Why candy crush?? You might see whenever you fill up one row, it greets “Sweet !”… greetings!

               Everyone loves appreciation. When we play games with such greetings, it targets the reward system in our brain with Dopamine, an active chemical which contributes to mood swings and depression when it’s level decreases. When the level of Dopamine decreases, it makes us be involved in activities increasing its level, ultimately gaming.

              Thus, it is not the user’s mistake downloading it..In a decreased level of Dopamine, our brain forces us to play games..

               I don’t recommend you quit playing games, enjoy the only life, before that go opted for who needs you and not what makes need…

               My suggestion is to love people ( not only humans, also the fellow creatures by God ) and help people. Once you start loving all those around you, you will surely  be made happy by them with no needs to increase your Dopamine level, it will be  in its increasing way… HELP THE NEED…




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